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    Recruiting individuals with the right calibre adds value to the organization as people form the fundamental assets of Accord. We believe in continuous employee training and development, to equip our people with the latest tool and relevant skills. Process Today, competition focuses on Supply Chains with effective and efficient processes. At CJ GLS, we strive to improve our operation processes through maintenance of high productivity and efficiency. CJ GLS continues to conduct extensive planning and research in both its processes and IT systems. Our strength lies in the ability to deliver high value added services to our customers through defined operation processes. Information Technology CJ GLS recognizes the importance of Information Technology (IT) systems in today's global competitive market. Accuracy, on-time delivery, speed and efficiency are basic requirements for streamlined operations. The sophisticated Supply Chain Management calls for a more complicated system in support of its activities. Our massive investment and development in our IT systems over the years has spelt our success in providing B2B or B2C services capability.

(576) 8 928132